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hscki managed to fill up my c drive and the compaq laptop without warning slammed everything into something called a partitioned d drive. after my own attempts and local service provider attempts i went to best buy. they sent it to compaq. after charging me the standard $250, I was contacted and told i would need a " level 2 diagnostic - and told i would have to pony up another $250. since my entire life - 2 years of irreplaceable family photos and videos, a 20,000 word short story i was wirting, and hundreds of personal documents, i said ok. I was assured this was as close to the FBI as i could get.

well after 6 weeks they returned the laptop and an external drive. I was so pissed I cried. they only managed to save less than 10% of my drive. and what they did save I cannot open or access. $500 dollars down the drain. priceless memories gone.

anyone have any ideas?

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