Compaq Computer Corporation - Element Management Software

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As a new entrepreneur in the market, Element Management Software we have to provide something flexible, durable yet cost effective to our clients to be on the competition.Few days back one of my friend referred me to NOCVue™.

The company’s Element Management Software bed in into our Network Management System without any hitch. The menuoriented comportment recreation and event generation helped inreproduce our client configurations to replicate field issues and successfully debug them with least interruption.

Thumbs up to NOCVue.As a new entrepreneur in the market, Element Management Software we have to provide something flexible, durable yet cost effective to our clients to be on the competition.Few days back one of my friend referred me to NOCVue™.

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Compaq Computer Corporation - Drive Recovery

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hscki managed to fill up my c drive and the compaq laptop without warning slammed everything into something called a partitioned d drive. after my own attempts and local service provider attempts i went to best buy. they sent it to compaq. after charging me the standard $250, I was contacted and told i would need a " level 2 diagnostic - and told i would have to pony up another $250. since my entire life - 2 years of irreplaceable family photos and videos, a 20,000 word short story i was wirting, and hundreds of personal documents, i said ok. I was assured this was as close to the FBI as i could get.

well after 6 weeks they returned the laptop and an external drive. I was so pissed I cried. they only managed to save less than 10% of my drive. and what they did save I cannot open or access. $500 dollars down the drain. priceless memories gone.

anyone have any ideas?

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Compaq Computer Corporation - Compaq Presario PC customer support

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I am on hold with Compaq Presario customer support.It has taken 18mins to confirm my name my computer serial number etc.

Now that I have answered all their questions I have been informed that I need to update my warranty for only $99 before they will answer any questions that I have. I asked to speak to the supervisor and now it is going past a 1/2 hr wait. All this for what speakers are compatible with my computer. I am asking this because I can hear sound with my earphones, but when I try to use my speakers nothing comes out.

And the second question I have is when you save off the internet to the temporary file where can you find what you saved. I don't think I should have to pay $99 to find equipment that is compatible, and as for the internet saving - the rep could have said she cannot help me and I would have gone else were to ask. Instead, she has kept me on the phone asking warranty sales questions. In the beginning before being asked to hold for 18mins while she checks out my warranty status the rep should have asked what my concerns were but she did not and waisted my time.

I have just been informed that I now have to wait 1 more hour to talk to a supervisor. The service must be horrible to have a supervisor tied up on line for 1 hr. Now the rep is saying that the supervisor will call back in 10mins.

I said that I have waited 50min so far I will wait the 10mins longer.(What happened to the 1hr?) I ask why the wait time suddenly changed and did not get an answer.

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Compaq Computer Corporation - HP/Compaq doesn't care about customers

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I have a Compaq Presario laptop.Not long after I purchased it the door to the CD drive came loose.

This laptop came with a Lightscribe drive to allow you to put a label on the disc while in the drive. I called Compaq and told them my model and serial number. They said they would ship me a new drive and assured me it would be a lightscribe drive. I hadn't tried to use the lightscribe program until I made a CD to be played at my dad's funeral.

I found out then that I didn't have a lightscribe drive. I called Compaq and was told sorry your laptop is no longer in warranty so I would have to pay for any issues. Even though they sent me the wrong drive in the first place.

I don't know if I have any other options to get this resolved.

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Yes, Compaq is cheating the consumers by selling such substandard products in the Indian market. I too had an experience of the same sort.

I had bought a Compaq Presario V3133AU laptop and it went dead exactly 20 days after the expiry of warranty. Till that time, I used to suggest Compaq laptops to my friends and relatives. Now, when I started enquiring, I could find that this problem with on-board graphic chip was a common one with all the Presario 3000 series laptops and even desktop PCs (One of my close friends experienced it; it too was after 1 month of expiry of warranty). The service centers were fed-up with Compaq Presario laptops and they were sending back people who were not willing to change the mother board.

I somehow pursuaded a service center to repair the laptop for me by paying Rs. 6000 for replacing the chip. Then, one month later, it again showed the same complaint. This time also, I got it repaired by the same person and as soon as I got it back, I exchanged it with a Lenovo laptop. Now I am happy that I was able to get rid of my biggest nightmares.

I would advise, from my personal experience and also from what I have seen with my friends and also from what I could gather from the service centers, that one should not go for Compaq products in the future if you want to make sure that you get a service worth the money that you are spending.

Here I quote what a Compaq dealer to me, "Previously, Compaq was good... but...

Here, I would also like to mention about their poor Customer Service.

I had registered complaints in Compaq website and made calls after calls to HP Customer Service in Chennai. Once they promised to do something for me. Thereafter, they refused to attend to my calls and I even tried calling the cellphone of Mr. ***** (I wont mention the name here). There was no response. Such is their customer relations.

Therefore, please think over twice before you decide to buy Compaq PCs or laptops.

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Ronkonkoma, New York, United States #5612

I bought a Compaq Presario V3133AU notebook from a HP reseller in Trivandrum in November 2006. In December 2006, after one month of expiry of warranty, it went dead. When I enquired at the reseller's office, they told that almost all the 3133AU systems that they sold were coming back with the same complaint exactly after the expiry of the warrranty period. Is HP manufacturing such products to last just one year? I got it repaired in December after paying Rs. 6000. In January, it again had the same complaint and I had to repair it spending an equal amount. Now in March, it is again showing the same complaint. The complaint is that the screen blurs and then the system goes dead.

I had selected Compaq taking into consideration its brand status. Now I really feel pity for my choice to have selected Compaq. Let me tell you, as an aside, one of my close friends took a Compaq PC and it too went dead exactly after 1 year. What does this prove? Luckily, it was a PC, so he could get the motherboard replaced with that of Lenovo. But mine being a notebook, I cant even do that.

I am working in BPO to fetch an income to sustain my studies. Now, the scenario is such that I have to get money as debts to pay for the repairs of this notebook every month.

I am about to take the notebook to HP authorized service center in Trivandrum. I do not know how long I am going to continue with this process. The worst part is that, I have exams coming up in April, and this...

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